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Hi! I’m Brittany but most call me Brit, + I’m the owner of Brit Hutchings Creative- Digital Design + Marketing Co. designed to help female entrepreneurs build better, stronger businesses in a fraction of the time so they can focus on the work of their clients — work that’s changing the world one person at a time.  

Before becoming a pro blogger I was a broke and tired single mom working two jobs to provide for my two young daughters. Let’s not forget I was chasing the dream of becoming a Nurse (Major props to all of our hard-working nurses!) It was exhausting trying to juggle everything with such a little outcome. I was always trying to find other ways of income without being strapped + living paycheck to paycheck. But I could never have the money to do just that. 

I remember one payday where I only had $6.00 left to last me until the next payday; two weeks later. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it.  I cried like crazy and prayed to God there had to be something better for me, there just had to be. I hustled like no other, and then I found a way.  Many ways, to be exact. From TRYING to be a phone sex operator ( I lasted 1 day) to a beauty vlogger on YouTube (insert Jaclyn Hill obsession here.) When neither of those avenues led me anywhere, that’s when I decided to give blogging a try; I was so nervous to tell anyone but once I hit publish on my very first post, I felt LIBERATED. A feeling in which I had never experienced. I had people tell me “You started a blog? Show me the money!” or “blogging won’t pay your bills. Get a real job.”

Fast forward to recent days…I now have over 15 million monthly viewers on my Pinterest Business account, I help other moms get their blogs off the ground and start earning money just like me, I also help small + large scale businesses increase their online presence as well as convert visitors into returning, engaged customers. I also get to spend unlimited quality time with my family, AND for the first time in all of my parenting history, I was able to take two full months off of work (and still get paid) to be with my daughters this past summer. They’re not this age forever and that plays a HUGE factor in my business. 

Most importantly, I’ve been able to provide extra income (I’m talking triple to what I was making) without working for someone else, be home with my family, travel, + not be tied down to the brick and mortar job following someone else’s rules. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working for someone else, it’s just not for me. 

This is the best job YET + I’m so thankful for the love & support along the way.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about me!

Email me + say hi at!

xoxo, Brit Hutchings

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