33 Fun Home-school Activities For Kids To Easily Do At Home

(for when they’re bored at home during COVDID-19)

March 30, 2020

Brit Hutchings

Lately, kids have been having difficulty finding any ground in this new routine of ours. Mine needed to find some fun activities to do at a cheap price to keep them entertained. My kids weren’t interested in learning from a book and paper. In the beginning, I tried my very best to keep my kids on the same routine as their school as well as keeping a tidy home, working on my business, and making sure my kids are still learning and not falling behind. But let’s face it, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Like many other families, we have been in a “fight or flight” phase and trying to figure things out as we go.
With school being out for a few weeks now, it seems as if the projects and activities are running low. Learning how to homeschool can be terrifying and overwhelming. These 33 fun activities kids can do at home during the COVID-19 pandemic that will keep them entertained for hours.

By now I’m sure everyone is feeling tired and overwhelmed being stuck at home with the kids and running out of stuff to do. We are going on week 3 of kids not being in school. Searching for fun activities for kids to do while stuck at home? Well, look no further. In this post, we’ve rounded up 33 fun activities for children. Most of these items are a feel-good time and free.

These fun kid’s projects are DIY and simple to create. All it takes is a little imagination. Here is a list of 30 different daily activities for students when they refuse to do online learning from home

fun activities for kids

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1. Scavenger Hunt

Snag your free scavenger hunt map and go on a pirate adventure.

Scavenger Hunt list

Call or video chat a friend.

Zoom is a pretty cool app! Although only the first 45 minutes are free!

Dig for Diamonds

Grab yourself (and your child) a cool activity to do on a rainy day. This has kept my girls’ occupied and away from technology. Plus the end result is pretty cool! This is the best hands-on activity for children at any age above 5.

Create A Wish-List

Start by cutting out small pieces of paper, write down a current wish (i.e. “I wish I could go to the beach.” I wish I were at the mall right now.” Or, “I wish I was with my best friend.” Place the pieces of paper in a jar. When this pandemic is over, dig out the jar and complete those wish tasks.

Go On A Walk

Fresh air is ALWAYS good! Instantly ease anxiety and depression by stepping outside. Remember- 6ft rule!


Coloring alone has proven effects on increasing serotonin and reducing stress levels in the brain. Plus the kiddos will have a ton of fun and keep them entertained for a while. Here’s one of my favorite adult coloring book

Write A Letter

Grab a few blank sheets and your favorite pen and write a letter to someone. You could mail it or you can burn it. The choice is yours!


Believe it or not, baking is actually really fun AND tasteful. Not only that, but have the kids help! It’s a GREAT hands-on learning activity for kids of all ages.


Doing yoga poses with your child will help teach them proper breathing techniques and how to control their emotions.


One of my favorite spontaneous things to do is a dance in the kitchen while sipping my wine + cooking dinner. Most of the time my youngest daughter will jump in and we make new moves to our favorite songs.

Take Pictures

Even though we are going through very difficult times, it’s important to capture the little moments. Photograph little milestones. Years from now we can look back and remember that yes, it was a difficult time but you still smiled through it.

Go For A Drive/Ride

If your family is anything like mine, you know first hand how anxious they can get from being cooped up. One of my favorite ways to spend time together in the community right now is to go for a drive; It clears our heads while keeping clear away from people.

Call A Relative

Today I called my Meme. We talked about the upcoming unknown that we’re about to face and life’s other challenges. She also talked about the positives in her life. Hearing a slight glimmer of happiness in her voice eased my anxiety.

Take A Nap

If all is well in the house, take a nap. It’s OKAY! We promise.

Build A Fort

Pillow fort. Blanket fort. Any kind of fort will suffice. If the weather is nice enough, go outside and play in the mud. Kids love getting dirty, plus it’s free!

Pillow Fights

These were always a childhood favorite. What better way to release some steam than to hit someone with a pillow. Endless laughs from all.

Card/Board Games

This is one of my personal favorites. It doesn’t matter which game is selected, there are always hours of endless laughs.

Learn about something new

Did you know that it is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky? See more at https://kids.niehs.nih.gov/games/riddles/jokes/fun-facts-and-trivia/index.htm

Do a puzzle or a word search

Both of these activities are my oldest daughter’s favorite activities. It teaches her patience and strategic thinking.

Write a story or in a journal

Having your child write in his/her personal journal is a great outlet for them to release their feelings, especially with everything going on.

Read or listen to someone else read

This can be soothing! My youngest daughter LOVES it when I read to her for obvious reasons.

Participate in a hobby

Jump roping, bike riding, chalk paint, etc. This is the time of year to have them play outside and get some physical activity.

Listen to a podcast

Eat a healthy meal or snack

Prep some of their favorite healthy snacks like hard-boiled eggs, whole greek yogurt, avocado toast (yes, my kids are obsessed with avocado toast) sugar snap peas, yum!

Play a sport

Ride a bike

We just got ours from here!

Imaginative play

Barbies are fun!


Do a kind act

This morning we left toilet paper and a gift card to our local grocery store on our neighbor’s door. He is elderly and has a difficult time getting around so my daughter thought this would be a good way to help him.

Take care of pets or plants

Don’t just expect your child to know how to do something. We have to show them step by step by step on how to do something- like feeding the dog or watering the plants.

Fix something broken

Do age-appropriate chores

Click here to download your free printable chore chart

Tell jokes or riddles

See fun riddles here

Spend time with a pet

This may not apply to everyone, but if you do have a pet, make sure to get your snuggles in!

While this list of daily activities is great, it’s also important to set routines for children. For example, mealtimes, morning routines, and bedtimes should fall around the same time each day. Another important tip to follow is to set morning and afternoon blocks of time for academics. Our blocks of time are set for 9 am-11 am hands-on learning assignments and again from 1 pm-3 pm. Most importantly, it’s best to support academic skills with activities that extend beyond distance learning work ( as listed above).

I hope you enjoy these fun activities! Please remember to stay home, wash your hands, and be well. We are all in this together and hopefully one day soon, this will all blow over.

Until next time my friends