9 DIY Date-Night-In Ideas For When You’re Stuck At Home. 

Author: Brit Hutchings

April 1, 2020


Romantic DIY Date Night In Ideas



Let’s be honest, this stressful time can put a lot of stress and financial burdens on a relationship.  However, if you’re wanting to stay home, save money, and create a romantic DIY at-home date night in to spice up your love life, keep scrolling for the best DIY ideas. In this post, we share our most creative, fun, and romantic DIY date night in ideas you can freely do at home with your significant other. Life is crazy, therefore it’s important to remember to date your love during these tough times. Romantic dinners in the living room and having quality time together while still in your best pair of sweatpants- every woman’s dream. 




9 romantic diy date night in ideas for at home


1. Cook Dinner Together

Pick a favorite meal you both enjoy + prepare it together. While you’re at it, pour a glass of wine + put on some feel-good tunes. Reminisce on the good days. 

2. Make Take-Out Food at Home

A lot of places are only take-out right now, but that can get pricey. For example, we miss Chinese food, but we are not in a place to be spending money, so we made our own DIY version of beef lo mein. 

3. Clean Your Living Space Together

I can’t stress this enough! For the last week, I have felt like I was on “vacation mode” and slacked on my daily house cleaning schedule. My anxiety increased being in a cluttered area. My boyfriend and I cleaned our apartment together. ” A clean space makes for a happy place. “

4. Watch A Movie

After cleaning your home, light a scented candle and pop in your movie. Bonus points if you add some freshly popped popcorn.

5. Game Night

Game nights are big in our house. Nothing like a friendly game of flirty competition.

6. Snuggle

If you’re feeling lost and depressed in this whole mess, snuggle. Take a deep breath and be positive everything will be okay. 

7. Have A Spa Night

Have your man paint those nails! 

8. Camp Out in the Livingroom

Grab some cozy white lights (white Christmas tree lights work fine), throw some pillows and cozy throw blankets down and watch movies all night. 

9. Massages

Baby oil, sensual music, and rubdowns. You’re welcome.