25 Awesome Mom Hacks You Need To Try (you’ll wish you knew about sooner!)

Let’s face it, we all need some new mom hacks right about now as life is pretty complicated for many of us moms, making daily life tasks difficult- but by adding these creative and simple life hacks to your daily routine, you can easily tackle any obstacle that motherhood throws at you. Remember to work smarter, not harder. These are my favorite life hacks for busy moms on the go (like myself), to help either save time, patience, or money so you can focus on your precious baby.

Heres a list of my personal favorite 25 life hacks for moms that will make life easier.

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Pool Noodle Water Hose– having trouble filling a large bucket with water and don’t have a hose? Heres a simple fix. Using a pool noodle, duct tape one end to the kitchen faucet while place the other end into the large bucket. This comes in handy when you don’t have a hose spigot to fill those inflatable pools up

Fog-Free Mirror– Tired of having foggy mirrors when you get out of the shower? Save this tip for future reference. Apply white toothpaste to your entire mirror. Wipe off with tissue or toilet paper and the next time you get out of the shower you’ll be able to see your beautiful face.

Sparkly bathroom sink– Use the leftover toothpaste splatters to make your faucet shine. I know I know, seems gross but it does work!

Simple Way to Disinfect Toys (dishwasher)- Add small toys in a laundry net and place them in the dishwasher. Perfect for getting small legos clean.

Quickly Get Rid of Pesky Wrinkles– Running late and can’t seem to get it together? Use Febreeze Air spray on clothing to freshen up and de-wrinkle.

Cold Drinks In a Snap– Place a few sheets of wet (cold of course) paper towel around the beverage and place it in the freezer for a few minutes. You will soon have a cold drink to chill out with. Perfect for a beer or bottle of wine.

Soap-scum Shower- if you’re over scrubbing your dirty tub to get rid of the water stain ring, spray your favorite toilet bowl cleaner around the tub. Next, let the cleaner set in, for severe stains let it sit for at least ten minutes. Using a clean broom, sweep the bristles over the cleaner and you’ll be able to quickly get rid of that soap-scum

Dusty banisters- Use a scented dryer sheet to wipe the dust away from the banisters. This will also prevent dust build-up.

Keep your fridge clean- use cling wrap press n seal to line your refrigerator shelves, that way when there’s a nasty spill, just peel and toss.

DIY picture frame message board- These are SUCH a cute way to simply remind yourself that you ARE capable of accomplishing anything. ( See my related post to get inspiring affirmations.) Get your own letter board here.

Removing gum from carpet- Use an ice cube to get stubbornly stuck on glue out of that gorgeous throw rug.

Slippery bobby-pins- spray your hair and the bobby-pin with dry shampoo to prevent slippage.

sweep up the broken glass- USe duct-tape to secure your dustpan to the floor to prevent that pesky dirt line.

DIY your own ice packs– this is a personal favorite in my household simply because, well, my kids are adventurous and can get banged up sometimes. All you have to do is simply take a new and unused dish sponge. Get it thoroughly wet and place it in a ziplock bag and freeze.

Fix Wobbly Furniture– If your kitchen chair is wobbly, use hot glue to secure a penny to the bottom of the wiggly chair.

Magnetized Drill- Stick a piece of magnetized tape to the back end of the drill to hold those nails in place. This is perfect for hanging curtains!

Keep Tupperware secure in the dishwasher- place a metal dish dry rack upside-down on top of Tupperware.

Space Saver-Use command hooks to keep pot lids/ hairdryers out of sight and space-saving

No Room-For small kitchens and tight counter spaces, pull out a kitchen drawer and place cutting board on top, Use this to free up small counter space.

Easy Soft Butter– If you don’t have a microwave (like myself) and need to warm a stick of butter, pour boiling hot water into a glass cup, let settle for a sec, dump water out and flip it over the stick of butter. Vala, soft butter.

Stinky trash– If you’re tired of cleaning the bottom of your trashcan every time you change the trash, line newspaper to the bottom of your trash can. It helps absorb food juices.

Annoying microwave noise? Turn off your microwave beep by holding the 0 button down for 3 seconds. you’re welcome.

Empty tissue boxes turn into plastic shopping bag holders.

Arrange- frozen food bags in the freezer with binder clips to free up space.

Reusable Shopping Bag– take a reusable shopping bag making sure its fully puffed out. Flip the bag upside down and place the handles around the wastebasket. Simply press the center of the bag down. Time saver.

Alright mommas, I truly hope these awesome mom hacks work for you! Leave a comment down below and let me know which you tried!

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