16 Best Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Best Beauty Hacks
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In today’s day + age, beauty is plastered everywhere from skincare to makeup. Beauty hacks are something every girl should know. Some say make-up isn’t essential + you’re beautiful the way you are; while others would argue that it is! It’s important to take care of your looks + how you feel, not because of vanity but for your mental well being.

You see, when you set a routine for yourself, you are setting yourself up for success for the day. You feel more self-confident + courageous when your face is done. For example, I work from home, most day’s it’s easier for me to stay in my sweat pants and a baggy shirt. Hardly anything on my to-do list gets accomplished. Why? Because I didn’t set myself up for success. 

As far back as I can remember, makeup and beauty have always been an essential part of my life. It’s given me the confidence I always lacked. In grade school + high school, I was always bullied about my looks. I suffered from severe acne + kids just don’t understand what it’s like to have it. My face always hurt + I was always on different medications to rid the pesky unwanted red bumps. When I discovered how to properly apply my make-up, it was a life-changing transformation. 

Best Beauty Hacks

I have always had an interest in beauty and how far I can go with it. Now, I wouldn’t by any means call me a “professional” like some of those really cool makeup artists out there!

Here’s a list of some of the best beauty + makeup hacks that I’ve learned along the way.  These will not only put money back in your wallet but save you time + energy as well.

1. Take Care of Your Skin! First + foremost….never go to bed with your makeup on. Oil and grease build-up and lead to potential outbreaks. Make sure your canvas (bare face) is cleaned before applying any makeup. 

2.Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. This will keep your skin feeling + looking supple. 

3. Always use a face primer. If you have large pores +/or acne scarring, use a primer that is thicker + not a serum. Serums are best for dry skin. A thicker primer will cover large pores better. My favorite is E.L.F Cosmestic’s Facial Primer w/Vitamin E Oil.  Using a primer not only smoothes out fine lines, pores, but it leaves your makeup in place for many hours longer. Monistat works great!

4. Set Your Face Before– Spray your setting spray BEFORE you apply mascara. This will prevent your mascara from smudging under your eyes. Hint: If you manage to get wet mascara under your eye, allow for it to dry completely + it will flake off. Don’t try to wipe away wet mascara as it will smudge + lead to time-wasting. 

5. Train your hair– If you wash your hair daily because it’s thin, fine, + gets greasy after a few hours, stock up on Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo. It comes in white or brown for the roots.

6. Bobby pins not staying? If your bobby-pins always slip, spray them with dry shampoo or hairspray before pinning it in your hair.


7. Foundation Alternative- Using a tinted CC cream is a lightweight alternative to that heavy foundation, especially in the summer seasons.

8. Brighten Your Hair–  Invest in a purple shampoo for those golden locks! Only use it 1-2 times per week as it can dry out hair. 

            Hint: Apply purple shampoo to dry hair (for blondes) + let it sit for 10 mins. Think of this as a brightening hair mask. 

9. Smokey Eye Tip: After you put eyeliner on, take a small brush and dip it in the same or similar color eyeshadow and use it to smooth out that harsh eyeliner line. You can do the same to the bottom lash line as well. Smokey eyes are trending!

10. Cat-eye Got Your Tongue? If you’re struggling to master the stunning cat-eye look, use a piece of scotch tape + place it along the outer edge of your bottom lid (where the bottom lid meets top lid). Line the end of the tape with the end of your eyebrow. girlwithglam.com@girlwithglam.com

11. Bronzed-babe: When applying a sunless tan, be sure to exfoliate your entire body very well. Otherwise, it will appear patchy. 

12. Blend n Slay: Using a buff brush-like for blush or bronzer to apply the sunless tanner around wrists, knees, ankles, lower chest area will help blend everything smoothly.

13. Dry Before You Play: Heres a favorite of mine- after you applied your self-tanner, use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. This also helps with that dry but sticky feeling. 

14. Waterproof Mascara: Use water-proof mascara for special occasions or swimming. When used on your natural lashes daily it can cause damage.  

Best Beauty Hacks


15. Wash Your Brushes: You’ll want to wash your brushes every 1-2 weeks to prevent nasty bacteria. Save money by using Dawn Dish Soap Original. (The blue one) It’s a lifesaver on stubborn foundation brushes. 

16. Avoid Undereye: When blending in your foundation, do not apply it under the eye. This will look cakey if you apply concealer over it. Also, you never want the germs/bacteria in your eye. 


Always be you + let your makeup face be who you are. Always remember that practice makes perfect!