Are You Wondering How Other Busy A’s Moms Are Building Their Businesses AND Wrangling the Kids?

Here Are My Top Tips For Work At Home Moms With Young Kids.

It’s all well and fun when a mom claims to be successful working from home with older kids but what about working from home with young kids?

We all know they require more attention and are more demanding with your time. It can almost seem impossible to be able to juggle them all.

Let’s take a look at my top tips for work at home moms with younger kids:

1. Block Out Time To Work When You Know They Will Be Sleeping

This can be a challenging task and seem way too easy for most but it’s super important to execute this. I’m sure you’ve been there, as I have (many times!) You try and get things done during their naps and for whatever reason, they don’t sleep as long as you had anticipated. You end up getting frustrated and feel like your plan failed. When I saw this pattern happening repeatedly, I knew I needed to change something. My solution to this was to use the time before my daughters woke up in the morning and after they went to bed. I used the time in the middle of the day for dinner prep, grocery shopping/other errands that needed to get done, and catching up on chores. It’s super helpful to make a to-do list for the entire day when you wake up or the night before. This helps with following through with your daily goals.

2. Organize Your Work Tasks

When you only a certain amount of time, you need to organize your tasks very wisely. This way you can use every little bit of free time you have to do something productive for your business. You’d surprised at just how much more you can accomplish when you know exactly what you need to work on and when. This is something that I’ve found other work-at-home moms really struggle with. Be sure to download my FREE productivity planner for Busy Work From Home Moms.

3. Plan Periods of Childcare

No this does not mean that you have to put your children into childcare but it can be as simple as doing a childcare swap with another boss mom. You have her kid(s) for a few hours and vice versa. This is a really simple way to make sure you’re getting some very much-needed uninterrupted time work on your business.

4. Prioritize Your Business

This one is SUPER important + I can’t stress this enough. As a mom, you’ve got a never-ending list that is probably longer than your leg that needs to get done in a week. It’s easy to have things slip down the list, or as I call it “save them for later’s”. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN WITH YOUR BUSINESS! Commit to making it work and communicate that with your partner. Your job is important. Make your vision known for it and make them aware that you’re needing time to work on it.

I remember listening to a podcast ( a new thing for me!) and there was a work-at-home mom that was being interviewed. She had built a multi-seven figure business but during the initial stages, her partner did not support her vision. Her response to him was “you don’t have to support it but just don’t get in my way.” Ever since then it has stuck with me.

5. Automate or Delegate Household

Start thinking about tasks that you have to do for the household that can be automated. That may be banking, grocery delivery, or hiring a cleaner. Whatever you need to be able to free up more time so you can get more done in your business. Trust me on the grocery to go- it is a LIFE saver for busy mompreneurs!

6. Have Activities For The Kids That Don’t Require You As Much

If you do need to get work done with the kids around, make sure you have activities that you know they can do with minimal supervision. This, of course, depends on the age of the children but I’ve found playdough, coloring books, laying on the playmat with a mobile above them, or setting up something like a train set have worked for me in the past. This can help when your kids are doing online learning as well. You know your child and you know what they love to do!

7. Be Clear With Others On Your Workdays

Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you have the time to do everyone’s errands, go out for coffee, and hang out with friends. You’re there to work and that’s what needs to be done. I suggest you turn off all notifications and go back to your plan for your business and get busy working.

I hope these tips for work-at-home moms with young kids help you get started and build your business into the profitable empire you deserve.

Remember, if you’re serious about managing your time better and getting more done in your day then don’t forget about my free planner! Get more done in your online business so you can earn fabulous amounts of money in less time.


brit hutchings
brit hutchings