We All Know That We Need To Automate Our Businesses & Our Lives To Increase Productivity.

Tools to automate your business and life

As a busy work-at-home mom, you need to make sure you’re making all the other things in life as easy as possible so you can maximize your time being spent working on your business! There’s nothing more frustrating than stressing over grocery shopping or other errands.

When you add up ALL the hours of household chores you’d be surprised what it adds up to. On top of that, the amount of mental load that it creates is mind-boggling, so why not lessen the load?

What if you could streamline that part of your life, letting go of the mental load that’s bogging you down and gives yourself more time to spend on your business? I’m here to tell you ITS POSSIBLE!

Here are my top 10 tips to put your business on autopilot and be more productive instead of just “busy”.

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Join Amazon Family

With a family of 4 + a busy lifestyle, it’s nice having hot household essentials at your fingertips. Think of it as a never-ending flow of toilet paper on your front porch every month.  Using a subscription service like Amazon Dash buttons or Amazon Family will save so much time because you can set it up for automatic delivery for the stuff you run out most.

Hire A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are AMAZING! Seriously. They take on the god-awful workload we don’t like to handle and get it done. V.A’s save us time + money for our business by doing small tasks so we can scale our business. When my blog + biz started to take off, it was really important for me to learn how to delegate certain tasks. Time is so important to me because you can never get that back. The more time I have the richer I feel because it allows me more time with my family…hence why I started my business.

Set Up Automated Banking

This is one of the easiest things you can do to automate your life. Your monthly banking is probably similar each month. If you automate it, you not only won’t miss any payments (great for increasing your credit score ;)) but you don’t have to go into the account to move money around. There are a few things that you automate including bill payments, moving money to savings, paying contractors, and allocating money elsewhere. The benefit of doing so is that you won’t have late fees + penalties and your credit score won’t be affected,

Once everything is automated, you just have to go in and check periodically that the accounts have enough money and things are running smoothly.

Get Your Groceries Delivered or To Go

Going grocery shopping after a long day is so time-consuming, especially when you have kids in tow! Getting your groceries delivered or To Go not only frees up a chunk of time but will also save you money (hello no more impulse buys!) and you can create lists of your favorite things that you buy every week.

Your local supermarket should have the service available but you could always opt for home delivery meals like Hello Fresh for example. The meal kits come with just enough ingredients for you to make for dinner without the leftover waste. I don’t know about you but my family has a difficult time eating leftovers.

My personal favorite is utilizing our local grocery store’s “Hannaford To Go” system. I go to their website, browse their “isles”, select the food items I need, schedule time to pick them up (usually the next day). When I arrive for my scheduled time slot, I call and let them know I am there and they bring out my groceries and load them into my vehicle. The whole trip takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. Try it. You will thank me later.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

This is one of my favorite tips to automate your business AND your life. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve made. I used to think it was lazy to hire a cleaner, but the truth is with a busy lifestyle, 2 kids, and a man my home isn’t always kept up with like it should be. When it gets super messy I am faced with overwhelming and avoid it (not good). Let’s face it, there’s no way that I want to be spending time cleaning my home. Kids need something, the baby is crying, a client needs you, the list goes on. I know it’s good for my mental health to maintain a clean and tidy home, but that’s why I have someone else do it. Plus you’re supporting someone else’s small business. Win-win!

Content Management- Batch, Create, + Download

This will be the #1 time saver and I cannot stress this enough! It took me a couple of years to actually have this sink in for me. It felt good to do everything myself and create content when I could. Business stalled and I took a step back and analyzed what I was doing. I wasn’t producing ENOUGH content to build engagement + trust throughout my social media platforms.

Now, I have a select day where I batch out my content for the entire month for my Instagram, Pinterest, + Twitter. To do this I block out a time frame (download my free productivity planner) to create the same type of thing multiple times. The same goes for photos for your blog, creating templates, graphics, and templates for Pinterest pins. Canva is a great place to start! I use the automation tool to automatically post my posts on the days and times that I schedule them. Hello, consistency. once you’ve batched out or downloaded a bunch of things to use for a while, you won’t have to reinvent your images or your graphics every time you want to post an article or share on Instagram! Plus, using the same resources will help your brand stay consistent. This tip has saved me HOURS of overwhelm, burnout, and exhaustion.

Create A FAQ Page

How often are you asked the same questions by commenters and readers? A lot. If you create a simple FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for your blog or biz to answer the most commonly asked questions. This will save you time in your email box too!

Automate Your Freebies

This sort of falls into the tip above. Create your freebies for each blog post or page. Freebies are a GREAT way to build your email list with subscribers. (Grab my free email marketing templates here). When someone visits your site and sees a lovely freebie or discount just for signing up, it entices them to shop from you. Who doesn’t love free items?!

Be Organized

Having a chaotic morning is NOT a great way to start your day. A great way to stay organized with all of your business needs- have everything ready the night before so you know where everything is and you’re not running around (time waste). Prep your meal the night before and have your bag packed. It’s also a great idea to keep your email folders neat and tidy. This makes running a business so much…easier? See my previous post on staying organized.

Have A Routine

When you have a daily routine everything seems to run smoothly. If you’re anything like me, I thrive off of my morning routine especially when I get to my office. Here is a quick rundown of my morning routine:

  1. Wake up at 6 am (sometimes much earlier.)
  2. Get kids + myself ready + out the door.
  3. Drop them off at school + head to my office.
  4. Listen to my motivational anthem to get me hyped for the day
  5. Get to my office. Settle in and have things on my desk readily accessible.
  6. Start my To-Do List + repeat my affirmations.
  7. Tackle the day.

Let me tell you something, having a full to-do list and seeing every single task checked off at the end of the day is SO rewarding. It drives me to stay motivated for the next day and continue to crush my goals.

I hope these time-saving tips help you grow your business! Leave a comment down below.


brit hutchings
brit hutchings