How To Create A Stylish E-book In Canva

The ultimate guide to creating a stylish e-book in Canva.

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Are you thinking of creating a hot freebie (lead magnet) for your readers? If you want to create a superb e-book but don’t know where to start – or you’re wondering if it’s even possible- you’re in the right place. A free e-book or email course is a great way to get people to subscribe to your blog and build your email list. Click here to see just how important it is to create your email list. Plus,  who doesn’t like free things?!

I have subscribed to several blogs in the past to get a free e-book on a topic I was interested in.

Whether you are tech-savvy, you can still quickly create your e-book or e-course in Canva; I always encourage my blog coaching clients to get started with Canva as it is very beginner-friendly.

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Ready to learn how to create an e-book in Canva?! Let’s get started!


Step 1: Pick a topic

Decide on what you are going to write about. It has to be relevant to your blog and valuable enough for someone to want to subscribe. Is your eBook helping someone (solving a problem)? Plan, write and give it your best. Type it in word or google docs and then copy and paste it to Canva.

Step 2: Sign up/Sign in

Go to create a design

Step 3: Pick a template

Depending on your preference, you can use an e-book, A4, or magazine template. It doesn’t matter unless you plan to sell it on Amazon Kindle.
How to create a stylish ebook in Canva

Step 4: Customize the template.

Let’s pick A4.  You have a blank page. You can either customize the templates on your left or create your cover page from scratch. After you are done, click on add page. Then, style the page and click duplicate below the page number to create a consistent look.
Tap the image below to watch a short tutorial on creating an eBook in Canva.

Step 5: Download

Choose PDF standard or PDF for print if you would like to print. InDesign is recommended if you would love to publish your e-book.
I would love to see what you made. Feel free to share your work in the comments.
Bonus Tips:
1. Make sure the text is legible on your cover and other pages.
You can achieve this by adding a transparent shape or layer over your text or softening the image. You can also use contrast (dark on light, light on dark) to make the words pop more.
2. Give them their next action step.
What is the most essential page other than your cover page? The call-to-action page. Remember to include one call to action on the last page. Think about what you want your reader to do next.
3. Split and merge
To make editing your e-book faster, and for e-books over 30 pages long, you can divide your e-book into sections and use a program like PDF MergeEasy PDF, or Small PDF to combine your e-book into one design.
brit hutchings
brit hutchings