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I’m Brittany but most call me Brit, + I’m owner behind this blog. I started a Blog For Tired Moms in 2018 with the intent to help other mom’s navigate through motherhood, lifestyle, + how to work from home.

Along the way, I became a certified blogging coach, Social Media growth strategist, small business owner, and marketing consultant.

I used to be a bored Nursing student ( apparently my head wasn’t in the game because you’re never bored as a Nursing student.)  I was also a broke single mom of 2 young kids at the time, working 2 jobs (one part-time, one full time). It was exhausting trying to juggle everything with such a little outcome. I was always trying to find other ways of income without being strapped + living paycheck to paycheck.

I remember one pay day where I only had $6.00 to last me until next payday; two weeks later. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it.  I cried, prayed, + hustled like no other; and then I found a way.  Many ways, to be exact.

Fast forward to recent days….

I’ve been able to help mom bloggers start AND launch their blogging careers, help small + large scale businesses increase their online presence as well as convert visitors into returning, engaged customers.  Most importantly, I’ve been able to provide extra income (I’m talking triple to what I was making) without working for someone else,   be home with my family, travel, + not be tied down to the brick and mortar endless job following someone else’s rules…

This is the best job YET + I’m so thankful for the love & support along the way.

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