• 11 Best Online Side Hustles of 2020

    11 Best Online Side-Hustles of 2020

    March 17,2020 by Brittany Hutchings



    Are you a stay at home mom, working mom, college student mom, on the lookout for legitimate work from home jobs? Do you wish to increase your income while enjoying family-time or earn some money from a side hustle? Then look no further because you have come to the right spot.

    I know,  I know. You’re probably a little skeptical. I was too at first. I was a broke, young struggling single mom of two. I worked two jobs while going to college full time (back then it was ALL online, so I could pull off doing all 3. No. Not recommended for everyone.) I often found myself scanning the web hours on end to find a way to make a little extra money. But then Pinterest pointed me in the right direction.

    Below I have listed just a hand few of legitimate work from home jobs that have a pretty good pay scale and can provide you with high income that you’ve been searching for. Start earning money from your couch…or kitchen table. Wanna know the best part? These jobs require little to no experience. Anyone with a smartphone/laptop and a reliable internet connection can do it. It’s that easy.

    Eager to see what online jobs I have for you? Then please keep reading 😊

    Below, I’ve categorized these different freelance jobs under three main heads for easy convenience.



    Work from home online jobs
    online jobs


    Transcription jobs are easily one of my favorites because the job requirements are very easy. In my opinion, it is like data entry. The best part of transcription jobs is that they are perfect for newbies just starting out or skilled transcriptionists. A transcriptionist’s job is to convert audio/video files into written format. For example, I have an audio file that needs to be transcribed. To do this, the audio/file would be talking while I would be writing EXACTLY what was said. When the job is finished you simply submit it to the client. That’s it!

    Seriously, there’s TONS and TONS of online work for transcriptionists. As the popularity of videos is exploding all over the internet, the need for transcriptionists is rapidly growing.

    1. TranscribeMe: TranscribeMe is a great site for beginners to start with but the only downfall is that it requires a basic transcription test before you can start working.
    2. Tigerfish: Tigerfish is one of the largest transcription sites that pay very well and enables freelancers to earn an income right from your comfy couch. It offers a vast variety of jobs from quick and simple to lengthy and time consuming (pay is typically better)
    3. SpeakWrite: If you are wanting to make that extra mula one the side with little effort- then this site is for you! You can literally earn up to a solid 3K in ONE MONTH by working here. If you have the skills- I highly encourage you to join.
    4. Scribie: Scribie is one of my personal favorites because not only does it provide ample opportunity for freelancers, its another website that provides you with ample income. All that is required is simple transcription tasks and a clear understanding of the English language as an English test is required.
    5. Quickate: The cool thing about Quicktate is that they will literally pay you for every 4 words that you transcribe successfully.  Another perk-weekly payment.




    While editing requires you to study a document for sentence structure, clarity, and flow, proof-reading includes reviewing the document as the final step before submitting it to the client. As a proofreader- it is important to read the document several times to ensure that the document is free of spelling & grammatical errors. The incredible perk to this job- earn up to $4,000 a month.

    These top reliable sites for where you can apply for editing and proof-reading jobs to work from home include the following:

    1. Proofreadingcom: Yet another site where you can apply for editing /proofreading jobs. You can either choose to work full time or part-time based on your choice. The site provides you with enough work to be able to earn extra money depending on the number of hours you want to put in.
      1.  Domainite:  You will have to edit a sample piece so if you do well then you will receive a contract from the site. This site is great for beginners and to learn new opportunities.
      2. Kibin: Most popular sites where you can apply for editing/proofreading; If you have the skills and keen eye to make a piece of writing well to better, then I encourage you to apply on this site and produce a decent amount of income for yourself.



    Becoming a Virtual Assistant is one of the best when it comes to earning an income online. If you’ve always dreamt of working in an office but you’re unable to- make your dreams come to reality by becoming and VA. As a VA, your earning potential can easily be as high as $25 per hr as a complete newbie with zero experience to $100 per hour as an experienced VA! How nuts is that?!

    If you’re eager to get started working from home and being your own boss, keep reading below for an organized list of best Virtual Assistant Online jobs that pay the best!

    By now most of us have heard of Pinterest. Well good news! It’s possible to work for Pinterest without applying to one of those fancy LA office-based jobs but instead, right from your couch! The wonderful thing about Pinterest is that there are over 70+ million active users. Think about how many small business owners are on Pinterest looking for that perfect online assistant to help keep them organized, pin pins, create new pins, and much, much more. One of the best perks of being a Pinterest VA is that you can set your own rates. One of my known clients charges anywhere from $75-100/hour depending on the task. Although for beginners just starting out it is typically around $15-20/hour (which isn’t bad at all!)

    Here are a few legit companies that are currently looking for Virtual Assistants:

    1. Time etc:  This leading Virtual Assistant company pays to complete various tasks for clients. Pay is around $12-$18 per hour.
    2. Virtual Office VA – Virtual Office VA hires virtual assistants to work with top real estate businesses, agents, investors, and some small businesses. This company hires virtual assistants to work with some of the top real estate earners, investors & agents, however, they also assist small businesses with tasks that do not require a license or someone to physically be there. Starting pay is $10to $15 an hour
    3. Fancy Hands: This company pays anywhere between $2.50 to $7 per task and goes up from there.

    Now that you are aware and familiar with just SOME of the amazing work from home job opportunities, hop on board and see which suits you best! And remember, practice makes perfect.



  • How To Stay Organized in 2020

    How To Stay Organized in 2020




    °This post may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase something from a recommended link, I earn a small percentage at no extra cost to you°


    Have you ever felt like your current surroundings are about to engulf you? Surrounded by constant clutter and/or mess? Does your heart race when you can’t seem to find your keys?

    As someone who has anxiety, being organized is crucial. Not being able to find what you need (last minute at times) causes a state of panic and excess stress on your brain and heart. To be organized, it starts with being tidy; after all, being able to keep everything neat and tidy helps ease anxiety and help you feel less stressed and more relaxed.



    – Air Tight Food Storage Containers

    Kitchen organization

    – Stackable Fridge Containers 

    Pan Organizer 

    Kitchen organization

    – Double Shower Curtain Rings 

    Since a new decade equals a fresh, or a clean slate for most, why not start the new year off with a new outlook?

    Here are a few quick tips to help you stay organized in 2020:

    Clean Out Your Purse.

    For most of us mama bears, we keep our entire lives in our bags so it’s important to keep it cleaned out and organized (and sanitized!). Get rid of loose change, those crumbs at the bottom, trash, and anything else you don’t need.

    Do this: weekly

    Curious what to keep in your purse?


    – chapstick- must have to keep those   

                  lips soft

                    – hand sanitizer

                    – travel size hand lotion

                    – small mirror

                    – extra phone charger ( just incase)

                    – wallet

                    – travel size hand lotion

                    – perfume (optional of course)

                    – travel size deodarant

                    – sanitary cup, napkin, tampon

    Clean Out Your Car

    Listen, I get it. Your vehicle probably looks like a bomb went off between the crushed cheerios under the seats, to leftover water bottles and fast food trash. We all have a different level of items in our vehicles and different levels of tidiness. So for the of us that aren’t, keep your car clean and organized with these few tips:

                    Tip #1- each time you get out of the vehicle, take an arm full of trash with you (or just all of it if you can.) By doing so it will reduce clutter and anxiety.

                    Tip #2- limit food intake in the vehicle. It’s okay to eat in the car, but if you make a mess, make sure to get it cleaned instead of letting it sit.

                    Tip #3- keep important documents like an insurance card, registration, etc. In your glove box that way it is readily available for when you need it most.

                    Tip #4- Keep a small grocery bag or trash bin in your vehicle

                    Tip #5- place air fresheners under seats.

    Do this: Weekly

    Keep Clothes to a Minimal

    There’s nothing worse than having half your wardrobe unworn. It takes up too much valuable space. Sort your clothes by making 3 separate piles. Pile 1- clothes you’re keeping. Get rid of the things you haven’t worn in at least 6 months or more. Pile 2- clothes that you are donating/giving away. Pile 3 is for the clothes that are just too gross to give to anyone.

    Keep A Planner

    Planners are a  GREAT way for busy moms like you to stay organized. I literally keep all of my thoughts, important dates + times, food intake, water intake, etc in mine. It’s been a total lifesaver for me because I am ALWAYS mixing updates if I don’t have them written down in my planner. #mombrain

    Planners are great because they come in different sizes and can pretty much fit anywhere on the go. I have a few different ones that I keep for my blogging business, my finances, and my personal/mom life.


    Personally, I’m old school when I need to keep things organized between motherhood, business owner, blogger, and school, I like to physically see it. But for those of you who prefer to keep everything on their phone, there are apps on the Play and App store designed to fit your organized needs. Some are free, and some are not, but both are helpful.

                                                                    (*CLICK HERE TO GET MY FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER*)

    Get Ready the Night Before

    What I mean by this is, get ready for school/work the night before. I can’t tell you how many stressful and chaotic mornings I’ve had with my kids because I didn’t do this. The disorganization led to many irritable mornings with meltdowns to follow.

    So, to avoid those crazy mornings like I was having, set out clothes the night before. Make lunches and do the dishes. Going to bed with an empty sink has proven results that lower night time anxiety. Come morning time you’ll have a little extra time in the morning to calmly collect your thoughts and get those extra snuggles in with your babies.

    Mamas, I truly hope these little tips help you feel accomplished even if nothing got done that day. I hope these help you feel empowered, and most importantly, I hope they help keep you sane + lower stress.