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  • How To Create A Stylish E-book In Canva

    How To Create A Stylish E-book In Canva

    The ultimate guide to creating a stylish e-book in Canva.

    This post may contain affiliate links which means I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. 

    Thinking of creating a hot freebie (lead magnet) for your readers? If you want to create an awesome ebook, but don’t know where to start – or you’re wondering if it’s even possible- you’re in the right place. A free e-book or email course is a great way to get people to subscribe to your blog and build your email list. Click here to see just how important it is to build your email list. Plus,  who doesn’t like free things?!

    Actually, I have subscribed to a number of blogs in the past just to get a free e-book on a topic I was interested in.

    Whether you are tech-savvy or not you can still create your e-book or e-course in Canva. very easily. I always encourage my blog coaching clients to get started with Canva as it is very beginner-friendly.

    Check out My Design Shop for my E-book template to save you time while creating bomb content. In my Etsy Template shop, you will find a variety of Social Media templates, E-book templates, New client contracts, and more! Be sure to tag me on Insta + show me how much you love your new product!

    Ready to learn how to create an e-book in Canva?! Let’s get started!


    Step 1: Pick a topic

    Decide on what you are going to write about. It has to be something that is relevant to your blog and valuable enough for someone to want to subscribe. Is your eBook helping someone (solving a problem)? Plan, write and give it your best. Type it in word or google docs and then copy and paste it to Canva.

    Step 2: Sign up/Sign in

    Go to create a design

    Step 3: Pick a template

    You can use an e-book, A4, or magazine template depending on your preference. It doesn’t really matter unless you plan to sell it on Amazon Kindle.How to create a stylish ebook in Canva

    Step 4: Customize the template

    Let’s pick A4.  You have a blank page. You can either customize the templates on your left or create your cover page from scratch. After you are done click on add page. Style the page and click duplicate which is below the page number to create a consistent look.Tap the image below to watch a short tutorial on how to create an eBook in Canva.

    Step 5: Download

    Choose PDF standard or PDF for print if you would like to print. InDesign is recommended if you would love to print your e-book.I would love to see what you made. Feel free to share your work in the comments.Bonus Tips: 1. Make sure the text is legible on your cover and other pages. You can achieve this by adding a transparent shape or layer over your text or by softening the image. You can also use contrast (dark on light, light on dark) to make the words pop more.2. Give them their next action step. What is the most important page other than your cover page? The call-to-action page. Remember to include one call to action on the last (or second last) page. Think about what you want your reader to do next.3. Split and merge To make editing your ebook faster, and for ebooks over 30 pages long, you can divide your ebook into sections and use a program like PDF MergeEasy PDF, or Small PDF to combine your ebook into one design.
    brit hutchings
    brit hutchings

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  • 4 Reasons Your Online Business Needs a Blog

    4 Reasons Your Online Business Needs a Blog.

    Let’s face it, if you’re an online business owner, your business needs a blog. for various reasons. I know what you’re probably thinking…”Brit…arent blogs dead? They’re so 2008.” Your business needs a blog to draw in new potentials buying customers and increase your traffic and Google ranking. If 2020 has taught us anything, is that everything and anything can change at any point in time. You already do a LOT of work on your products, social media, and general customer inquiries. A blog is just another thing to add to your to-do list.  I get it, you’re super busy chasing your dreams and kiddos and you’re not a blogger. However, a blog is one of the best tools you can use to give your brand so much value beyond what social media or your shop can provide.

    If you’re not already blogging as a brand owner (or outsourcing the heavy lifting), you may want to consider how adding a blog to your digital marketing plan can simplify your sales funnels and bring clients to your virtual doorstep. Don’t you think you could use a win like that?

    Customers that are shopping at small boutiques love a good “why” story – they want to know who you are, why you got started, and see how you live;  But they also want to know, “What’s in it for us?” How will this product help me [save time, cook faster, entertain better, feel pretty, fit my closet]? Find a problem and offer a solution.

    While social media often gives them a good glimpse into your life, I always encourage small business or shop owners to consider a blog for several reasons: it allows you to share a peek behind the business, provide unique value to your customers, show how you interact with the product and that you are involved and hands-on, and be a consistent voice throughout your brand. Full transparency is encouraged.

    Did I forget to mention it’s also a game-changer for traffic?

    Because it is.

    This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase. I only recommend resources I love and use myself and appreciate your trust + support of Brit Hutchings Creative!

    Here are 4 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs a Blog:

    1. Provides a permanent home base + and a trusting place to connect with consumers.

    Social media is always changing and some platforms may even disappear one day(please not Pinterest!). If you are an online business/shop owner and don’t have a blog or website, you risk building your business on a platform that may not be around in a year or so.  Your blog will be a place that can grow and change along with technology updates + algorithms; and the best part, you own it. 

    This is especially true for Etsy sellers as you do not own your platform! Etsy could make changes tomorrow that affect your business and you would not have a “home” to call your own.

    If you want to set up a blog, I highly recommend “>BlueHost for hosting – it’s what I currently use and love with my WordPress site. Once you set up your main site, you can simply connect your Etsy shop and Pinterest with a quick link. Need help? I offer Blog Set-Up services. 

    2. Builds Trust

    By sharing helpful information around your business you become more valuable to your customers, which creates a deeper meaningful relationship; rather than a simple transactional one. Depending on your business, it’s important to remember that “helpful” can mean many different things. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a moment and look for ways you can provide value to them. Treat it as if you were swapping ideas with a friend.

    Sell your own printables?

    Provide tips on how to save time, money, and energy. Offer printables such as planners, meal planners, budget planners, chore charts, etc.

    Sell delicate handmade products?

    Provide tips on how to care for the product, how to travel, how to store, etc.

    3. Improves your site’s SEO (search engine optimization)

    Google is that friend that is always looking for better plans. It’s always looking towards the future of what future trends may arise. It wants the best information to match an individual’s question and prefers sites with pages that are updated frequently, rather than static pages.

    The more resources you can provide to your ideal customer, the better your site could rank in search. Think of commonly asked questions or concerns your customers face either before making their purchase or ideas for use once they bring it home; and craft a few blog posts to help answer them in detail.

    4. Capitalize on Pinterest’s powerful potential

    This is the big one. Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive traffic because a) pins are evergreen, unlike social media posts they live on for months; b) users are using Pinterest specifically to plan their shopping (67% of users have checked Pinterest while shopping to buy something they’ve pinned).

    By creating more content to share and promote, outside of just screaming buy-buy-buy, you’re building a relationship with your current and potential customers. And if you’re providing valuable or interesting articles, others may share on Pinterest, which will drive referral traffic your way; which in turn, leads those customers to buy-buy-buy!

    For many bloggers, Pinterest is one of their top referral sources (join me in the pinning here!). It also provides a permanent home to showcase gift guides that can easily be shared on Pinterest during the holidays, as well as other valuable information during your busiest (and often most profitable) time of year.

    Pinterest has single-handedly been the difference between me getting a couple of hundred page views a month, to several hundred page views a day. The best part? I schedule a majority of my pins in advance so it’s really an easy set it + forget it form of promotion. YAY. ( One of the main ways I scaled to 6 million monthly viewers within months.)

    If you’re brand new to the idea of blogging or not sure how to get your blog off the ground, I really recommend checking out my blog coaching services. It’s a fantastic step-by-step plan that walks you through effective strategies and actionable ideas to create a better blog. Setting yourself up with a strong foundation from the start will make everything so much easier.


    Wanting to put your business on auto-pilot? Catch my latest post “10 Ways To Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot.”

    brit hutchings

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  • 10 Ways To Automate Your Business

    We All Know That We Need To Automate Our Businesses & Our Lives To Increase Productivity.

    Tools to automate your business and life

    As a busy work-at-home mom, you need to make sure you’re making all the other things in life as easy as possible so you can maximize your time being spent working on your business! There’s nothing more frustrating than stressing over grocery shopping or other errands.

    When you add up ALL the hours of household chores you’d be surprised what it adds up to. On top of that, the amount of mental load that it creates is mind-boggling, so why not lessen the load?

    What if you could streamline that part of your life, letting go of the mental load that’s bogging you down and gives yourself more time to spend on your business? I’m here to tell you ITS POSSIBLE!

    Here are my top 10 tips to put your business on autopilot and be more productive instead of just “busy”.

    **This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer page.

    Join Amazon Family

    With a family of 4 + a busy lifestyle, it’s nice having hot household essentials at your fingertips. Think of it as a never-ending flow of toilet paper on your front porch every month.  Using a subscription service like Amazon Dash buttons or Amazon Family will save so much time because you can set it up for automatic delivery for the stuff you run out most.

    Hire A Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistants are AMAZING! Seriously. They take on the god-awful workload we don’t like to handle and get it done. V.A’s save us time + money for our business by doing small tasks so we can scale our business. When my blog + biz started to take off, it was really important for me to learn how to delegate certain tasks. Time is so important to me because you can never get that back. The more time I have the richer I feel because it allows me more time with my family…hence why I started my business.

    Set Up Automated Banking

    This is one of the easiest things you can do to automate your life. Your monthly banking is probably similar each month. If you automate it, you not only won’t miss any payments (great for increasing your credit score ;)) but you don’t have to go into the account to move money around. There are a few things that you automate including bill payments, moving money to savings, paying contractors, and allocating money elsewhere. The benefit of doing so is that you won’t have late fees + penalties and your credit score won’t be affected,

    Once everything is automated, you just have to go in and check periodically that the accounts have enough money and things are running smoothly.

    Get Your Groceries Delivered or To Go

    Going grocery shopping after a long day is so time-consuming, especially when you have kids in tow! Getting your groceries delivered or To Go not only frees up a chunk of time but will also save you money (hello no more impulse buys!) and you can create lists of your favorite things that you buy every week.

    Your local supermarket should have the service available but you could always opt for home delivery meals like Hello Fresh for example. The meal kits come with just enough ingredients for you to make for dinner without the leftover waste. I don’t know about you but my family has a difficult time eating leftovers.

    My personal favorite is utilizing our local grocery store’s “Hannaford To Go” system. I go to their website, browse their “isles”, select the food items I need, schedule time to pick them up (usually the next day). When I arrive for my scheduled time slot, I call and let them know I am there and they bring out my groceries and load them into my vehicle. The whole trip takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. Try it. You will thank me later.

    Hire a Professional Cleaner

    This is one of my favorite tips to automate your business AND your life. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve made. I used to think it was lazy to hire a cleaner, but the truth is with a busy lifestyle, 2 kids, and a man my home isn’t always kept up with like it should be. When it gets super messy I am faced with overwhelming and avoid it (not good). Let’s face it, there’s no way that I want to be spending time cleaning my home. Kids need something, the baby is crying, a client needs you, the list goes on. I know it’s good for my mental health to maintain a clean and tidy home, but that’s why I have someone else do it. Plus you’re supporting someone else’s small business. Win-win!

    Content Management- Batch, Create, + Download

    This will be the #1 time saver and I cannot stress this enough! It took me a couple of years to actually have this sink in for me. It felt good to do everything myself and create content when I could. Business stalled and I took a step back and analyzed what I was doing. I wasn’t producing ENOUGH content to build engagement + trust throughout my social media platforms.

    Now, I have a select day where I batch out my content for the entire month for my Instagram, Pinterest, + Twitter. To do this I block out a time frame (download my free productivity planner) to create the same type of thing multiple times. The same goes for photos for your blog, creating templates, graphics, and templates for Pinterest pins. Canva is a great place to start! I use the automation tool to automatically post my posts on the days and times that I schedule them. Hello, consistency. once you’ve batched out or downloaded a bunch of things to use for a while, you won’t have to reinvent your images or your graphics every time you want to post an article or share on Instagram! Plus, using the same resources will help your brand stay consistent. This tip has saved me HOURS of overwhelm, burnout, and exhaustion.

    Create A FAQ Page

    How often are you asked the same questions by commenters and readers? A lot. If you create a simple FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for your blog or biz to answer the most commonly asked questions. This will save you time in your email box too!

    Automate Your Freebies

    This sort of falls into the tip above. Create your freebies for each blog post or page. Freebies are a GREAT way to build your email list with subscribers. (Grab my free email marketing templates here). When someone visits your site and sees a lovely freebie or discount just for signing up, it entices them to shop from you. Who doesn’t love free items?!

    Be Organized

    Having a chaotic morning is NOT a great way to start your day. A great way to stay organized with all of your business needs- have everything ready the night before so you know where everything is and you’re not running around (time waste). Prep your meal the night before and have your bag packed. It’s also a great idea to keep your email folders neat and tidy. This makes running a business so much…easier? See my previous post on staying organized.

    Have A Routine

    When you have a daily routine everything seems to run smoothly. If you’re anything like me, I thrive off of my morning routine especially when I get to my office. Here is a quick rundown of my morning routine:

    1. Wake up at 6 am (sometimes much earlier.)
    2. Get kids + myself ready + out the door.
    3. Drop them off at school + head to my office.
    4. Listen to my motivational anthem to get me hyped for the day
    5. Get to my office. Settle in and have things on my desk readily accessible.
    6. Start my To-Do List + repeat my affirmations.
    7. Tackle the day.

    Let me tell you something, having a full to-do list and seeing every single task checked off at the end of the day is SO rewarding. It drives me to stay motivated for the next day and continue to crush my goals.

    I hope these time-saving tips help you grow your business! Leave a comment down below.


    brit hutchings
    brit hutchings

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  • How To Make Money from Your Blog


    October 6, 2020

    Some of the links below are affiliate links, so we may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Check our disclosure for more info.


    Bulletproof ways to monetize your blog


    Making money from your blog seems easy enough to do, right? Keep reading to learn more about how to make legit money from your blog. There are about a million and one ways you can make money on the internet these days; as each day goes on, it becomes less and less skeptical to make money from your blog. If you’re new to blogging and all of the information you’ve found on Pinterest is overwhelming and you’re ready to start your blog today, you have come to the right place.

                              >>>Need to start a blog and don’t know where to start? Click here to get started. <<<


    As a certified blog coach that reached over 2 million monthly viewers on Pinterest last month, I have worked incredibly hard to perfect my strategy when it comes to getting traffic to your blog. There are MANY ways to make money online, but blogging is my favorite as it is so versatile and has many doorways. Blogging is a great way to earn passive income…meaning you’re basically earning money WHILE YOU SLEEP! Say whaaaaat? Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean you can publish 1 or 2 blog posts and call it good and expect to get rich over night. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way, or else everyone would be doing it. Starting a blog takes a lot of time, energy, education, and trial and error. However it will pay off. A few years back it could take ages to start earning money from your blog, but fast forward to 2020 and you could start earning money within days!      



    1. Optimize your blog for ads

    Optimizing your blog means setting it up to make money. In my experience, it’s highly recommended not to use a free service. You will not  be the owner of your blog OR your website content. When using a free service, you will not get the support you need and you will have very limited design options that will soon attract people to your blog.   If you want to make money from your blog, your site will need to be self-hosted on a server that allows you to completely customize your website. I highly recommend Bluehost.; although its not free, you will be able to host all your files on a server and not have to worry about losing them. This option does come with a price tag, but you have to spend a little money to make a little money. You wont be able to add ads to your blog site if you set up your the blog the wrong way.




    Reasons why you NEED Bluehost:

    • When you click on the links in this post, you will get 60% off the NORMAL COST OF STARTING a blog for my special discount of $2.95 a month. **

    They register your blog name for you for free + hassle-free, making it impossible for anyone else to steal your name.

    They register your blog name for you for free + hassle-free, making it impossible for anyone else to steal your name.


    Free + simple installation of the WordPress blogging software30-day money-back guarantee so if you are not happy for any reason at all you can get your money back.

    Free + simple installation of the WordPress blogging software30-day money-back guarantee so if you are not happy for any reason at all you can get your money back.





    Next, click the “get started now” button to chose your package. As an added bonus, I was able to get a special deal with Bluehost where you cant get started for $2.95 per month!


    Next, click the “get started now” button to chose your package. As an added bonus, I was able to get a special deal with Bluehost where you cant get started for $2.95 per month!


      a blog for tired moms        

    2. Create Engaging & Eye-catching Content

    Many people start a blog for a hobby but then turn it into a business. There’s a difference between getting traffic and getting engaged readers who actually stay on your page for more than 2 seconds. To gain more followers it’s best to write about engaging topics, or topics that offer a solution to a problem.  On top of engaging content that is relatable, you want eye-catching graphics. Be a problem solver and write for your readers and not for yourself. Answer questions they may have.

    The best types of blog posts that most likely drive traffic are:

    1. Lists

    2. How-To Guides

    3. Checklists/Cheat Sheets

    4. Infographics

    5. Guest Blogging


    3. Affiliate Marketing

    Now that you have optimized your blog site and created gorgeous content, it’s time to learn about affiliate marketing as it is a great way for beginner bloggers to start earning money. Remember, it’s key to learn how to drive free traffic to your blog so that you can turn your traffic into customers. 

    1. Chose the best affiliate marketing platform.
    2. Select product and link
    3. Fill your blog post with related specific key words
    4. Place link in related blog post 
    5. Share your content link on Pinterest. 
    6. Wait for people to purchase product through your affiliate link. 

    It’s really that easy! 


    4. Don’t Be Afraid of Investing

    If you are serious about making money blogging, it’s time to invest in yourself and your blogging biz. There are a lot of great free resources out there, and you can learn so much from free courses but if you’re struggling with any step along the way, don’t be afraid of investing money in  a coach or course that could help you shortcut your learning time. They are proven to be beneficial to monetizing your blog. As I like to say, knowledge is power. 


    5. Create a Product or Service

    Aside from just “blogging”, you can use your blogging skills to freelance your work. By freelancing your work, you can create logos, become a coach/consultant, or create a printable, courses, and much more. You can easily promote your work on Pinterest using a strong keyword strategy. In April 2020, my blog post “Activities for Kids to do at home” drove over 50,0000 just from that one post. My affiliate links blew up and I was able to cash in on my activity list.


    Leave a reply in the comments and tell me about your blogging journey! 



    brit hutchings
    brit hutchings

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