• How To Stay Organized in 2020

    How To Stay Organized in 2020




    How to stay organized in 2020


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    Have you ever felt like your current surroundings are about to engulf you? Surrounded by constant clutter and/or mess? Does your heart race when you can’t seem to find your keys?

    As someone who has anxiety, being organized is crucial. Not being able to find what you need (last minute at times) causes a state of panic and excess stress on your brain and heart. To be organized, it starts with being tidy; after all, being able to keep everything neat and tidy helps ease anxiety and help you feel less stressed and more relaxed.



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    Since a new decade equals a fresh, or a clean slate for most, why not start the new year off with a new outlook?

    Here are a few quick tips to help you stay organized in 2020:

    Clean Out Your Purse.

    For most of us mama bears, we keep our entire lives in our bags so it’s important to keep it cleaned out and organized (and sanitized!). Get rid of loose change, those crumbs at the bottom, trash, and anything else you don’t need.

    Do this: weekly

    Curious about what to keep in your purse?


    – chapstick- must have to keep those lips soft, hydrated, and plump.

    – hand sanitizer

    – travel size hand lotion

    – small mirror

    – extra phone charger ( just incase)

    – wallet

    – travel size hand lotion

    – perfume (optional of course)

    – travel-size deodorant

    – sanitary cup, napkin, tampon


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    Clean Out Your Car

    Listen, I get it. Your vehicle probably looks like a bomb went off between the crushed cheerios under the seats, to leftover water bottles and fast food trash. We all have different levels of items in our vehicles and different levels of tidiness. So for the of us that aren’t, keep your car clean and organized with these few tips:

                    Tip #1– each time you get out of the vehicle, take an arm full of trash with you (or just all of it if you can.) By doing so it will reduce clutter and anxiety.

                    Tip #2– limit food intake in the vehicle. It’s okay to eat in the car, but if you make a mess, make sure to get it cleaned instead of letting it sit.

                    Tip #3– keep important documents like an insurance card, registration, etc. In your glove box that way it is readily available for when you need it most.

                    Tip #4– Keep a small grocery bag or trash bin in your vehicle

                    Tip #5– place air fresheners under seats.

    Do this: Weekly

    Keep Clothes to a Minimal

    There’s nothing worse than having half your wardrobe unworn. It takes up too much valuable space. Sort your clothes by making 3 separate piles. Pile 1- clothes you’re keeping. Get rid of the things you haven’t worn in at least 6 months or more. Pile 2- clothes that you are donating/giving away. Pile 3 is for the clothes that are just too gross to give to anyone.

    Keep A Planner

    Planners are a  GREAT way for busy moms like you to stay organized. I literally keep all of my thoughts, important dates + times, food intake, water intake, etc in mine. It’s been a total lifesaver for me because I am ALWAYS mixing updates if I don’t have them written down in my planner. #mombrain

    Planners are great because they come in different sizes and can pretty much fit anywhere on the go. I have a few different ones that I keep for my blogging business, my finances, and my personal/mom life.


    Personally, I’m old school when I need to keep things organized between motherhood, business owner, blogger, and school, I like to physically see it. But for those of you who prefer to keep everything on your phone, there are apps on the Play and App store designed to fit your organized needs. Some are free, and some are not, but both are helpful.

    Get Ready the Night Before

    What I mean by this is, get ready for school/work the night before. I can’t tell you how many stressful and chaotic mornings I’ve had with my kids because I didn’t do this. The disorganization led to many irritable mornings with meltdowns to follow.

    So, to avoid those crazy mornings like I was having, set out clothes the night before. Make lunches and do the dishes. Going to bed with an empty sink has proven results that lower night time anxiety. Come morning time you’ll have a little extra time in the morning to calmly collect your thoughts and get those extra snuggles in with your babies.

    Mamas, I truly hope these little tips help you feel accomplished even if nothing got done that day. I hope these help you feel empowered, and most importantly, I hope they help keep you sane + lower stress.



    brit hutchings
    brit hutchings

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  • How To Start A Blog in 2020

    How To Start a Blog In 2020

    and get started making money!

    by: Brit Hutchings


    How to Start A Blog


    Curious about how to start a blog in 2020? By now, it’s safe to assume you know what a blog is, but you’re unsure of how to start your blog. Starting a blog in 2020 is easier than ever but can leave you feeling clueless, confused, + overwhelmed. Have no fear (or doubt!), I’m here to help you set up your very first blog for free. My free instructional guide will show you how to create a blog that is user AND creator-friendly + hassle-free.

    I started my blog, and it soon opened doorways for me that I only dreamt of when I was younger. I really didn’t think that it was legit to make money from blogging. Some may even consider it “not a real job.” But it is, and I am here to show you how it’s possible.

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    When I went through my divorce, my daughters were still very young, + I was working full-time/overtime in the health field (I even brought my babies to work with me on the 3rd shift because I didn’t always have a babysitter). I even added full-time schooling to my already overwhelmingly large plate.  My difficult time drove me to get my sh*t together. So the girls + I moved out of my parents & into our new home + it was just “us” for a while.

    Next, I had to quickly learn how to tightly manage my monthly bills (thanks, mom, I owe ya!) since it was the first time being on my own as a newly single mom. Eventually, everything started to turn around. It HAD to because I was sick + tired of living “paycheck to paycheck” all on my own, feeling stuck. I was terrified + dreaded having to pick which bills were a top priority to pay + which ones to pay next paycheck. (Yup, that was me!) So, I did my research. A lot of research over some time. + decided it was time for a change. So, now I have my own blog, + I’m helping other single moms (+ all other mamas) start their blogging business just liked I did!

    Listen, I get it.  Starting a blog can seem intimidating and overwhelming. But this free guide is all about blogging for beginners + will teach you how to be a successful blogger WITH NO EXPERIENCE. Just basic computer skills + a strong passion for something that lights your soul on fire. Seriously. That’s. It.

    how to start a blog

    Here’s a glance at what I’ll go over with you.

    1. Choosing a topic
    2. Deciding on a personal domain name
    3. Chose a hosting platform (required for blogging)
    4. Publish the first blog post.

    In this blog, I will show you how to start a blog with WordPress ( I HIGHLY suggest the business plan, as when I signed up, I chose the free plan and later discovered I would need to upgrade to use the key business features and ended up spending MORE money than when I had first signed up….$200 worth.) and a hosting site through Bluehost. So don’t panic if you’re completely new to the blogging world (I was too!) + hear verbiage that makes you want to turn the other way- I will walk you through step-by-step so that you can be well on your way. To makin’ that money, honey!

    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase anything through my links, I make a small percentage of it at no extra cost to you.  BlueHost pays me when you purchase a hosting plan through my links, so my services are free of charge just for you. If you have any confusion or frustration, contact me, and I will do it for you. For free. Cool, huh? 😊

    Step 1 + 2: Pick a catchy blog name and Domain name

    The very first step to creating a catchy blog name is choosing your topic. Make sure it’s something you are passionate about and can provide content that will help the reader in some form of way.

    If you’re feeling a little dazed + confused about choosing the perfect blog name, here are three different types of blogs:

    • Hobbies & passions.  Think about what your hobbies +other interests are. It can be anything such as cooking, cars, travel, beauty, parenting, or education. These are just some of the classic examples that should spark your brain.
    • Life experiences. Everyone has life lessons they have gone through, and sharing your experience, can be incredibly helpful to others in similar situations. For example, I recently started a business for single mothers on how to learn + earn extra money on the side. I teach and inspire them to create their own blog + be thriving bloggers. Think about the things you have endured in life + how they can make a positive impact on someone else (like a blog about being a stay at home mama), work (being a working mom or working single mom), or other life experiences (a blog about dealing with hardships like divorce, death, or an illness, and even happy events such as birth, marriage, adoption. The choice is wide open. If you’re thinking to yourself “but there’s already millions of blog about XYZ) Don’t let your mind get the best of you. Even though there are many blogs already out there, your own writing style and content are unique to you and you alone.

    >> Once you have a strong professional topic, it’s time to get into the good stuff.  And remember, when you chose WordPress, it automatically does this for you if the domain name is not yet taken. 


    Step 3: Get your #bossmom blog online.

    Now that you have your new professional-but-catchy domain name picked out, it’s time to get your blog online so it can be born. (You’ll eventually see what I mean by that, mamas.)

    To get your money-making blog up + running, you first need a blog host.

    A blog host is a trusted company that stores all your blog files and delivers them to readers when they type in your blog name, so you don’t have to do it.  NOTE: You must have a blog host to have a blog.

    People read blog sites to get a personal feeling on things they are currently experiencing, + they want to leave feeling better, so most bloggers write in a very informal and conversational style. People like reading about life experiences and how to do something quickly and easily.

    *This post contains affiliate links. That means that Bluehost compensates me whenever you purchase a plan through my link at no extra cost to you. *

    bluehost blog


    I managed to work a special deal with BlueHost just for you!

    bluehost coupon code

    Why Bluehost?

    I personally use BlueHost + I recommend them for any new bloggers because:

    **When you click on the links in this post, you will get 60% off the NORMAL COST OF STARTING a blog for my special discount of $2.95 a month. **

    >> BlueHost register your blog name for you for free + hassle-free, making it impossible for anyone else to steal your name.

    >> They offer free + simple installation of the WordPress blogging software (which is what I will show you how to set up + use)

    >> Offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get your money back if you are not happy for any reason at all.

    To register your domain name on Bluehost, click my link to get started.

    Next, click the “get started now.”


    *side note* mamas, this is an incredible deal! Originally $7.99 per month to $2.75 a month! That’s cheaper than a monthly subscription to Netflix. As I’ve mentioned above, just for using my link to create your very own blog like I did, I want you to have a special discount to start something that will change your life and bring on new opportunities.


    Next, enter your new domain under the “new domain” box and click next.

    Next, you’ll get the basic sign-up setup. Then, it will ask you for your general personal information (address, payment method so you can get paid for all your hard work). Keep going until you reach this page.

    This is what I absolutely love about Bluehost. They make it cheap for you to make bank essentially. After a while, your blog will seriously pay for itself + then some. When I first started blogging, the whole “registering my domain name” was daunting to me because I presumed it would be expensive. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a massive budget. I needed something very budget-friendly, and Bluehost was the only company requiring a 36 monthly payment upfront. However, if you prefer to pay upfront + not worry about a monthly payment, they offer that option.

    Once you have completed your payment, you’re going to want to sign in to your Bluehost account and download WordPress (don’t worry, it’s already paid for😉). Click the home button at the top left corner, scroll to the bottom of the page + click install WordPress.


    how to start a blog and use bluehost

    Once it’s installed, click “advanced options.”

    You’ll want to make sure that “Automatically create a new database for this installation” and “I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2” are checked as well. Then, click “Install Now.”

    Check your email + save the email from Mojo. It’s all of your super personal information so keep it tucked away in a safe spot for later just in case you may need it.

    mojo marketplace for bluehost

    Now, log into your Bluehost dashboard and start browsing from 1,000’s of free themes. Customize them the way you want!

    bluehost tutorial

    CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! + I am SO proud of you, mama. This page will show you step by step how to post your first blog! They even have videos tutorials for all you visual learners out there. WordPress breaks it down, so it’s easily understood. 😊 Remember, you’ve got this, + feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions or need help.

    I am here to guide you along the way.

    brit hutchings
    brit hutchings

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  • 6 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

    …..because we all know it’s a b!tch.

    Please note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and purchase something via that link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

    We all have experienced the daunting feeling of anxiety in one form or another; whether it be those hectic mornings where you’ve overslept, one kid doesn’t want to go to school while the other child has changed her clothes 4x before getting out the door, or those heavy traffic commutes and youre nervous about getting to work, meeting, appointment on time. The pit in the bottom of your stomach; that feeling of being suffocated; we’ve all felt it. And if you haven’t, good for you, Superman!

    Below is a list of my personal strategies known AND proven to help reduce anxiety and its symptoms

    Make a Mental To Do List

    Feeling overwhelmed with the lengthy to do list your about to be faced with? Make a mental note in order of the things you need to complete. Doing this helps your brain slow down and organize what needs to be done for the day. Write. Things. Down. If you feel you won’t remember. I always love crossing off each task as I complete them. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment 



    Dress to Impress

    First impressions are a major thing amongst the human population. Dont get me wrong, I am ALL FOR comfy clothes, but don’t show up to a class presentation or meeting in lounge clothes when you should be polished and put together. Arriving to an intimidating environment with a face full of make up and dressed to take on the day shows you are confident and self-aware.  From personal experience, I can say that when it comes to exams, when I do my makeup and feel good about my outfit I do better because I feel confident in myself and I know I will do well. I like to feel professional with most aspects. It’s important to feel empowered and motivated.

    Go for a walk

    Obviously, this option isn’t always available. If you are able to escape for 30 minutes for a stroll, do it. If not, at least try to sit outside for 10 minutes to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. This will allow for fresh ideas to arise and to collect our thoughts. It’s also a great way to increase serotonin levels.

    Turn Distractions off

    TAKE A BREAK FROM SOCIAL MEDIA! I can’t stress this enough. Too often we are needing to feel validated with Facebook status likes and how many Instagram likes you can get on your latest post. Each new like becomes a rush; an addiction. Instead of being grateful for what you have, youre comparing your life with that Instagram model. The grass LOOKS greener on her side, but it’s not. That oh so perfect family you see- not perfect. I can guarantee you their kids are little assholes, just like yours can be (we love them anyway). Put the phone down when your daughter wants to tell you about her day. Spend more time connecting with your family. n

    Do Ya Face

    Morning and night, wash ya face! Whether you wear a full face of makeup or mascara is enough, it’s important to start with proper skincare. Start each new day with a clean, blank canvas.


    Lastly- ask for help. It’s okay to see a shrink and it’s okay to be on medication. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. No one is created equal and what works for Sarah may not work for Bob. Talk with your doctor and see what works for you!


    I hope these tips help you feel more relaxed


    brit hutchings
    brit hutchings

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